MRU 150 1-1.263Dr. M. Rakib Uddin

PhD (University of Poona, India)
Research: Land Morphology, Hydrology, Environmental Geomorphology, Land Use
Teaching: Geomorphology, Stratigraphy, Hydrology, Quaternary Environment
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]uddin_rakib2012@yahoo.com;[icon name=icon-envelope]rakib.ku99@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1711 964 950

dkd 150_1-1.263Dr. Dilip Kumar Datta

PhD (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research: Riparian Biogeochemistry and Environmental Management
Teaching: Biogeochemistry
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]dkd_195709@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1712 195 839; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2332

IMG_1-1.263_150dpiDr. Abul Kalam Azad

PhD (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research: Environmental Modeling, Air Pollution, EIA, Waste water Treatment, Climate Change
Teaching: EIA, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Modeling, Waste Water Treatment, Energy and Environment, Environmental Analysis, Climate Change
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]azad_ku@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1816 333 211

qzh 150Dr. Quazi Zahangir Hossain
Professor and Head

PhD (Rajshahi University, Bangladesh)
Research: Environmental Biology
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]zahangirku@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-envelope]zahangirkues@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 412 831 550 ext. 2039

Dr. Salma Begum

PhD (University of Bremen, Germany) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research: I am interested to examine and interpret proxy animals that archives environmental information from records contained in their annually band in the shells e.g. bivalves. Climate adaptation, ecosystem health, and tropic dynamics are also my research interest.
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]samee2005@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 412 831 550 ext. 2032

ahc150 tour05Dr. Abdullah Harun Chowdhury

PhD (NST Fellow), Rajshahi University, Bangladesh [icon name=icon-cloud-download] BAS Gold Medalist
Impact of oil spill on Sundarbans
Impact of coal based power plant of Rampal on Sundarbans
Research: Ecology and Environment; Biodiversity Conservation & Natural Resource Managenent; Climate Change & Disaster Management; Wetlands & Water Pollution and Environmental Law & Policy.
Teaching: Ecology; Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration; Environmental Biology & Microbiology; Research Planning and Design; Limnology & Oceanographic Environment; Water Pollution; Wetlands Resource Management ; and Environmental Law, Protocol & Ethics
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]aharunc_ku@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+88-041-2831317 (R); +880 1714 036 757 (M)

mmr 150 1-1.263 1Dr. Md. Mujibor Rahman

PhD (Rajshahi University, Bangladesh)
Research: GIS, Remote Sensing, Disaster Management
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]mujibku@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1712 218 847; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2463

Dr. Md. Atikul Islam

DrEng (Yamaguchi University, Japan) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research: Water quality; Rural supply, management and planning; Environmental sanitation
Teaching: Water Pollution, Appropriate Water Supply and Sanitation, Water Resources Planning and Management
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]atikku_es@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1730 004 151; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2322

Dr. Meher Un Nessa

PhD (Australia)
Research: Toxicology, Environmental chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]meher.nessa@yahoo.com

AYH 150_1-1.263Dr. Md. Abdullah Yousuf Al Harun

PhD (Victoria University, Australia) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research: Plant Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Biological water treatment, Water Management
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]harunkb@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+8801918868606

150 dpiMolla Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman
Associate Professor

MSc (Rajshahi University, Bangladesh)
Research: Environmental Pollution and Management
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]mmsr68@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 412 831 550 ext. 2035

NH 150_1_1.263Nazia Hassan
Assistant Professor

MSc (CEST, University of Ghent, Belgium)
Research: Biotechnological processes for water treatment, Water and Waste water treatment, Agro-Water management, Gender and water, Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), Environmental Auditing, Coastal Zone management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Water system analysis, Public health
Teaching: IWRM, Water and waste water treatment, Microbiology
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]munnazia_ku@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2315

MR_150_1_1.2663Masudur Rahman
Assistant Professor

MSc (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh)
Research: Hydrology and water resources, water and wastewater treatment, wetland science/management, irrigation water management, energy and environment.
Teaching: Hydrology, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Water Resource Planning and Management, Pollution Biology, Wetland Management and Resource Evaluation, Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management, Appropriate Water Supply and Sanitation, Soil Environment, Agriculture and Environment, Energy and Environment.
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]gkm.buet@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 41 720171 ext. 2144; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2315

Prosun Kumar Ghosh
Assistant Professor

MSc (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh)
Research: Hydrogeochemistry and water quality, Ecosystem services and its valuation including CBA, IWRM approaches
Teaching: Water and noise pollution, Environmental policy
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]prosun_buet@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1732 121 125; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2312 (Kha)

FH 150dpiFarhana Haque
Assistant Professor

MSc (Khulna University, Bangladesh)
Research: Environmental Management, Society and Environment, Environmental Health and Sanitation
Teaching: Noise Pollution; Air Pollution; Toxicology; Environmental Microbiology; Pollution Biology; ICZM
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]raifah_urbana@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1776 563 696; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2315

Md. Ali Akber
Assistant Professor

MSc (Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand)
Research: Management of natural resources from complex systems perspective; Land use modeling; Modeling dynamics of environmental systems; GIS; Remote sensing
Teaching: Environmental analysis; Energy and environment; Environmental economics; GIS; Remote sensing; Environmental modeling; Global warming and climate Change
Contact: [icon name=icon-envelope]shamim.05es@gmail.com; [icon name=icon-envelope]makber@es.ku.ac.bd; [icon name=icon-phone]+880 1911 117 329; [icon name=icon-skype]shamim_05es; [icon name=icon-map-marker]2312

Assistant Professor

MSc (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) [icon name=icon-cloud-download]
Research Interest: Ecosystem Services Analysis; Coastal Management; Environmental System Analysis and Climate Change.
Teaching: Integrated Coastal Zone Management; Disaster Management, Environmental Analysis, Environmental Economics and Management, Environmental Policy.
Contact:  [icon name=icon-envelope]masuds_es05@yahoo.com; [icon name=icon-envelope]aamasud@es.ku.ac.bd; [icon name=icon-phone]+8801717411455; [icon name=icon-skype]abdullah.masud05


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Dr. Md. Mezbaul Bahar
Dr. Md. Nazim Uddin
Dr. Md. Salequzzaman
Dr. Subrato Kumar Saha
Dr. Tapan Kumar Sarker
Dr. Wahidul Karim Biswas
Kushal Roy
Md. Salim Uddin
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