Master thesis list 2005-2006 Session

Roll No


Mehdi AzamMS 051001 Prospects of Solid waste generated electricity Market in Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh
Krishna Rani BaraiMS 051002 Optimum management of safe water intervention at household level in Dacope Upazilla of South west coastal Region of Bangladesh
Masuma  KhanamMS 051003 Role of NGO’s in Empowering urban disadvantaged women in Khulna City,  Bangladesh
 Md. IsrafilMS 051004 GIS based optimal Route selection for fire service vehicle in Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh
Shirina AfrozeMS 051005 Evaluating the sustainability of road transport system of Khulna City, Bangladesh
Md. Ahasanal HoqueMS 051006 Optimal Land Use planning for Sustainable agricultural development in Jessore region of Bangladesh using GIS and Remote sensed data.
Maniza AkterMS 051007 Impact and consequences of  Environmental vulnerabilities on household’s livelihood security in Narail District, Bangladesh
Md. Adit Shah DurjoyMS 051008 Assessment of total Economic value of floral diversity due to the proposed Phulbari Opencast Coal Mining activities in Dinajpur, Bangladesh
G.M. Matiul KabirMS 051009 Evaluating pond sand filter as quality water suppliers in the South west region of Bangladesh
Ariful IslamMS 051010 A Techno –Economic Analysis of Urban household Energy Saving Opportunities in Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh.
Md. Nazrul IslamMS 051011 Exploring the drivers for conversion of agricultural land to shrimp culture in south- west region, Bangladesh.
Mir. Md Mozammal HoqueMS 051013 Estimating the emission of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel consumption in Bangladesh
Dhananjay RayMS 051014 Contribution of shrimp aquaculture towards livelihood Sustainability under  stressed condition in Southwest coastal Bangladesh.
Khondokar Khairul Alam AnsariMS 051015 Evaluation of Environmental Hazards from solid waste in Barisal City Corporation, Bangladesh
Md. Nurul AminMS-051016 Resources Recovery and Zero Waste Management Option of Slaughterhouse Wastes in Khulna City Corporation, Bangladesh.
Mitali ParvinMS 051017 PM10 emission estimation and evaluation using atmospheric dispersion model for Dhaka City, Bangladesh
 Moni Mohan MondalMS 051018 Development of Environmental Management plan (EMP) for oil and gas exploration along the coastal Bangladesh
Bidyut Kumar DattaMS 051019 Household Energy consumption Pattern and its impacts on women of Keshabpur at Jessore District, Bangladesh
Chandan Kumar PaulMS 051020 Site Selection for the solid waste Disposal from Khulna City Corporation (KCC) area, Bangladesh
Kabir AhammadMS 051021 Impact of oxbow lake projects on livelihood pattern of beneficiaries around Marjat Baor at Jhenaidah District, Bangladesh
 Md. SalahhuddinMS 051022 Evaluating the state of Hospital waste management system and its possible health hazard in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Goutam Kumar DasMS 051023 Assessment of women security Under rapid change in land-use pattern in South-west region of Bangladesh.
Fatema-Tuz-ZohoraMS 051025 Geo-chemical Characterization of lake water in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Md. Jakir Hossain051026 Association between chronic arsenic exposure and nutritional status among the women of child bearing age-case-control-study
Bikram Jit RoyMS 051027 State of solid waste Management in Jessore municipality, Bangladesh.
Pritish SanaMS 051029 Energy use Pattern in Dacope Upazilla, Bangladesh.
SK. Abdullah JonagedMS 051030 Performance of rain water harvesting system in south-west coastal region, Bangladesh.
Md. Sohrab HossainMS041019 Indigenous housing pattern and their sustainability in South-west coastal region of Bangladesh.
Pijush Kanti BaraiMS-041015 Biodiversity Conservation Through Alternative Income Generating Facilities: A case study from Satkhira District, Bangladesh