Study Programs

Study programs offered by the Environmental Science Discipline of Khulna University is highly recognized among the top programs in the country, and we provide a wealth of opportunities for students interested in careers ranging from academic research to teaching, government, and non-governmental agencies. We offer both undergraduate (B.Sc.) and postgraduate degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.)

Undergraduate Academic Program

The Environmental Science Discipline at the Khulna University offers an interdisciplinary four years undergraduate degree as Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Environmental Science. The program provides students with a fundamental understanding of various aspects of environmental science, engineering and management and prepares them for careers in science, research or technical fields. In addition to course work, students require to conduct an undergraduate research.

Undergraduate courses are designed to provide an integrated system approach to understand environment. To be awarded a B.Sc. in Environmental Science, a student would have to complete 8 terms (four years) to earn at least 161.5 Credits. Courses taught in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science are as follows:

ES 1101: Introduction to Environmental Sciences                               
ES 1103: Physical Environment – I                                              
ES 1104: Physical Environment – I Sessional                          
ES 1105: Biological Environment – I                                           
ES 1106: Biological Environment – I Sessional                       
Chem 1165: Chemistry – I                                                                    
Chem 1166: Chemistry – I Sessional                                                 
Math 1165: Mathematics – I                                                              
HSS 1153: Sociology                                                                            
Eng 1155: English                                                                                 
ES 1201: Physical Environment – II                                            
ES 1202: Physical Environment – II Sessional                         
ES 1203: Biological Environment – II                          
ES 1204: Biological Environment – II Sessional                      
Chem 1265: Chemistry – II                                                                   
Chem 1266: Chemistry – II Sessional                                               
Math 1265: Mathematics – II                                                             
Stat 1251: Statistics                                                                             
Phy 1261: Physics                                                                                                
Phy 1262: Physics Sessional                                                            
CSE 1254: Basic computer skill                                                        
ES 2101: Ecology – I                                                                          
ES 2103: Environmental Chemistry                                            
ES 2105: Environmental analysis                                                 
ES 2107: Soil Environment                                                             
ES 2108: Soil Environment Sessional and Field work          
ES 2109: Environmental Microbiology                                      
ES 2110: Environmental Microbiology Sessional                  
Econ 2111: Economics                                                                          
CSE 2151: Computer Programming                                              
CSE 2152: Computer Programming Sessional                          
ES 2201: Ecology – II                                                                        
ES 2203: Hydrology                                                                          
ES 2205: Environmental Biochemistry                                      
ES 2206:  Environmental Biochemistry Sessional                  
ES 2207:  Biodiversity                                                                       
ES 2208: Biodiversity: Sessional and Field work                    
ES 2209: Agriculture and Environment                                     
ES 2210: Agriculture & Environment Sessional and field work
ES 2211: Human Ecology                                                                                
Math 2265: Numerical methods                                                       
ES 3101: Energy and Environment – I                                                      
ES 3102: Energy and Environment Sessional                        
ES 3103: Surficial Processes and Land Form                           
ES 3105: Water Pollution                                                               
ES 3106: Water Pollution Sessional                                            
ES 3107: Limnology and Oceanographic Environment       
ES 3108: Limnology &Oceanography Sessional & Field Work
ES 3109: Toxicology                                                                          
ES 3113: Water and Waste Water Treatment                       
Econ 3111: Environmental Economics and Management      
ES 3201: Energy and Environment – II                                      
ES 3203: Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management
ES 3205: Meteorology                                                                    
ES 3206: Meteorology Sessional and Field Work                                 
ES 3207: Air Pollution                                                                      
ES 3209: Water Resource Planning and Management       
ES 3211: Demography and Environment                                                 
Arch 3265: Landscape Ecology and Planning                              
URP 3265: Geographic Information System                              
URP 3266: Geographic Information System Sessional           
ES 4101: Waste Management                                                     
ES 4103: Coastal Environment and Management                
ES 4105: Noise Pollution                                                                
ES 4107: Research Methodology                                                
ES 4109: Epidemiology                                                                    
ES 4111: Urbanization and Environment                                 
URP 4165: Remote Sensing                                                              
URP 4166: Remote Sensing Sessional                                          
ES 4201: Environmental Impact Assessment                         
ES 4203: Environmental Law, Protocol and Ethics                
ES 4205: Environmental Auditing                                               
ES 4207: Pollution Biology                                                             
ES 4208: Project Thesis                                                                   
ES 4209: Environmental Modeling                                             
ES 4210: Environmental Modeling Sessional                         
Arch 4265: Environmental Planning and Design             


Graduate Academic Program
M.S. Program

The Environmental Science Discipline at the Khulna University offers an 18 months Master’s degree as Master of Science (M.S.) in Environmental Science. The key feature of this program is, it provides students with the opportunity to understand highly specialized fields of environmental management and prepares them for research careers. The MS Students of Environmental Science Discipline would have to complete 3 terms/ 18 Months (at least 36 Credits) out of which 1 term (9 Credits) is Thesis. Students are eligible to take 12 Credits (at least) and 15 Credits (at best) in each term.  The curriculum offered by the discipline for the M.S. program includes following courses:

ES 5101: Global Environmental Issues and Policies
ES 5103: Ecology
ES 5105: Quaternary Environment
ES 5107: Research Planning and Design
ES 5109: Integrated Coastal Zone Management
ES 5111: Participatory Environmental Management
ES 5113: Environmental Education, Awareness and Motivation
ES 5115: Ecologically Sustainable Development
ES 5117: Microbial Ecology
ES 5119: Biochemistry in Environmental Control
ES 5121: Environmental Information System and Land Management
ES 5123: Water Resources Engineering & System Analysis
ES 5125: Air Pollution Engineering
ES 5127: Renewable energy Technology & Policy
ES 5129: Basin Management & Sustainability
ES 5131: Natural Hazards & Disaster Management
ES 5133: Environmental Impact Assessment and Valuation
ES 5135: Wetland Management & Resource Evaluation
ES 5137: Global Warming and Climate change
ES 5139: Water Borne Diseases
ES 5141: Noise Pollution and Abatement
ES 5143: Surficial Bio-geogenic Studies
ES 5201: Environmental Pollution and Management
ES 5203: Applied Geo-informatics
ES 5205: Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration
ES 5206: Internship (2 weeks)
ES 5207: Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management
ES 5209: Sustainable Technology, Policy and Globalization
ES 5211: Advanced Waste Water Engineering
ES 5213: Advanced Eco-toxicology
ES 5215: Advanced Environmental Modeling
ES 5217: Advanced Environmental Health and Epidemiology
ES 5219: Poverty, Environment and Gender Issues
ES 5223: Transitional Environment and Management
ES 5225: Advanced Environmental Economics
ES 5227: Advanced Environmental Anthropology
ES 5229: Appropriate Water Supply and Sanitation
ES 5231: Environmental Ethics & Politics
ES 5233: Human Resources Management
Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program is relatively new in this discipline. Still the Ph.D. program offered by Environmental Science Discipline is ranked among the top doctoral program in the country for highly potential faculty members and its diverse fields of research opportunity. For more information, please contact with Prof. Abul Kalam Azad (Head of the discipline).

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